Now this is a story all about how...

Our business-to-consumer values are in place to produce and deliver well designed gym wear and casual wear that ignites motivation, focus and emotional feelings through the use of organic materials and word-play. Our text slogans are designed to complement the inner emotions felt through exercising, self-growth and well-being.

Our apparel business began with the name I'AM COLLECTION, the I'AM slogan was formed 
based of the idea of introspection and a belief in one's self. It can also be portrayed as self-centred, but in the terms of positivity, confidence and a desire to succeed.

The term COLLECTION was used in order to add inclusion and exclusivity of being a part of a 
collective, a family, a unit. Our long-term goal is to become one of the most upstanding gym wear – casual wear brands, focused on self-improvement and growth.

Mental Health and Mental Awareness is an issue that needs to be highlighted more today then ever.

With the state of the world today, the damage it is causing to peoples well-being is greater and growing each day.

At I'AM COLLECTION NGU, the mantra is self promotion, and motivational. Wearing a piece of clothing that allows the wearer to share a message to themselves, as well as giving a little bit of encouragement to others. It all helps to build confidence.

We are trying to build a family, a collective that will "Wear it, and Share it" and display positive and inspirational messages openly and silently that will touch another persons emotions, when they may need it the most.
  • Motivational - To elevate ones focus to succeed​
  • Inspirational - To share and wear our products for others to feel positive.
  • Manifestation - To display an emotional connection to the brand​
  • Comfortable - Consumers to feel comfortable and trust in the fabrics used​
  • Warmth - For the consumer to feel a sense of warmth when wearing our products​